Just over three years ago my husband, The Mister, read The China Study by Dr. Thomas Campbell aloud to me while during the first couple weeks of non-stop nursing right after we had our second daughter. Three years, and one more daughter later, we are still following the whole foods, plant-based diet that Dr. Campbell talks about in his book. We’ve never felt better.

We both grew up in the city of Calgary, Alberta. Another name for Calgary is Cowtown – there is a reason for that. I Love Alberta Beef stickers can be found on cars and trucks all over this province. Sometimes we feel like outsiders in a land of beef lovers – but we know we aren’t alone and we know that a lot of people are eating less and less meat these days. We wanted to provide a resource for people who are looking for vegetarian and vegan options in Calgary as well as talking about raising children in a whole foods, plant-based home.

This is our adventure.


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